1. Terms & Conditions
  2. Advertisements must comply with:
    a) Our code of standards
    b) State laws
    c) The Rules as stipulated in the code of the Indian Newspaper Society.
  3. We stand indemnified against any claims arising directly or indirectly from the
    publication or non-publication of an advertisement.
  4. We endeavour to publish advertisements on schedule but the dates of publication
    cannot be Guaranteed. We reserve the right to advance or postpone the date or release
    by a week, either way albeit after prior intimation.
  5. We may at our sole discretion edit, classify, reject, and choose to omit, suspend or
    change the position of any advertisement.
  6. Advertisement are accepted in good faith, but we cannot accept responsibility for
    their veracity, delay, error, omission in publication, forwarding replies and shrinkage
    in production etc.
  7. We reserve the right to revise rates & terms without issuing any prior notice, In the
    event of any national, state or local levies being imposed on printing materials, such
    taxes will be payable by the advertiser.
  8. Release orders received at incorrect rates will be complied with at the applicable tariff
    in force.
  9. We are not bound by any conditions which conflict with those stated in our rate card.
  10. These conditions are cumulative on any specific agreement that may be set forth
    between our Space Marketing Department and Advertisers.
  11. All release orders must be accomplished with advertisement material before the
    deadline as Specified under Material Specification in the rate card. If in exceptional
    situation a confirmation is required, on the basis of a letter or RO without
    accompanying material, Agency/client will have to boldly inscribe the legend “RATE
    the RO.
  12. Rate, as applicable on the insertion date will apply, irrespective of the date of
  13. All ads falling in a package should be placed through a single release order.
  14. Written instructions for cancellation of advertisements must be reported and
    acknowledged by the competent authority 15 days prior to the scheduled month.
  15. Complaints on advertisements must be brought to our notice within 15 days of
    publication; Otherwise they may not be entertained.
  16. Justified and accepted complaints entitle the advertisers to an FMG.
  17. We reserve the right to cancel advertising at any time upon default in payment.
  18. We do not accept any responsibility for advertisements missed or rejected subsequent
    to acceptance of Release Order / Material.
  19. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.
  20. Cancellations must be made, in writing, one month prior to publishing date. Failure to
    do so will relieve the Publisher of any obligation to comply with the cancellation
    request and will entitle the Publisher to charge as if the relevant advertisement were
    published without any cancellation having been received.
  21. Space cannot be cancelled after deadline.
  22. Cancellations for reserved space are not accepted after the closing date. No
    cancellation will be accepted without written acknowledgement from Jasubhai Media
    Private Limited confirming receipt.
  23. Cover contracts cannot be cancelled. Late delivery of materials may incur forfeiture
    of space at full cost. Publisher reserves right to repeat the previous issue ad of all
    advertisers if instructions are not received by the closing date.
  24. Rates are based on the number of insertions run in a contract year (12 consecutive
    months). If, within the 12 consecutive months, fewer insertions are used than
    specified, or if the contract is cancelled in the middle of the year, revised rates will be
    applicable for the inserts already printed and accordingly difference amount will
    billed separately.
  25. Cancellation Clause :
    a. If a contract is cancelled within 3 months, 75% of the balance value of the
    contract will be charged towards cancellation charges.
    b. If a contract is cancelled within 4 to 6 months from the date of contract, 50%
    of the balance value of the contract will be charged towards cancellation
    c. If a contract is cancelled within 7 to 9 months from the date of contract, 25%
    of the balance value of the contract will be charged towards cancellation
    d. If a contract is cancelled within 10 to 12 months from the date of contract,
    15% of the balance value of the contract will be charged towards cancellation